EuterpeMusic strives to satisfy and develop the artistic and musical minds of our students so that they can acquire basic foundations which they will carry and build on for the entire lifespan of their musical path around four pillars: Theory, technique, musicality and musical culture.This works to give our students the opportunity to obtain an exceptional artistic and musical level in the wonderful world of music.

We offer the chance for all of our students to breathe once every three months the magic of performance on stage and to share their passion for music with us and other students in our fantastic community.

Our teachinf curriculum articulates as follow:

2 years of induction i.e. Musical kindergarden

2 years of preparation

3 years of intermediate preparation

This provides the high-level experience needed to pursue a professional musical career.


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Home tutoring with our specialized instructors at 40€ per hour:

  • Half an hour/hour long courses each week
  • Personalized teaching
  • Flexible clases adaptable to your needs
  • Student pick up
 215€ por year
Days and timetables are flexible and can be modified according to demand and  minimum amount of student (10 students)
Musical Kinder garden (2 years old above)
Batukada percussion for beginners (+ 8 years old)
Ukulele2Ukulele (+8 years old)
Dj2Dj, sound engineering and programing (+8 years old) Afro cubain

Afro cuban Music

(+8 years old)

Flamenco for beginners

(+8 years old)



215€ for trimester*


Instrument 1/2h each week + 1h each week of group musical education

Instruments (1/2h each week):

Singing Wednesday

Classical and Modern Chords Every day

Wind Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Percussion/Drums Thursday and Friday

Bass/Double Bass Wednesday

Piano/Jazz Piano Every day

Electric Guitar Every day

Classical Guitar Every day

DJ, sound engineering and programing

Group musical education (1 hour each week):

  • Beginner level
  • Intermiediate level
  • Music reading and writing for teenagers
  • Combo:
    • 1st trimester: Rythme
    • 2nd trimester : Engineering and musical IT
    • 3rd trimester : Singing and sound engineering

Second instrument and instrument for adults 17€ trimester


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*annual application fee 35€